otome review

Thoughts on I Love You!

Recently, the new joseimuke localization team Moonchime Studio was created, and their first game to localize was a short, charming otome game called I Love You!, or in Japanese Suki Da! It was made by Shinogi Shiohara. I was very excited to see a new studio localizing a small, indie otome game.

I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t enjoy a game set in high school, as I’ve outgrown that setting, but I really enjoyed this game! All of the love interests were super cute (I especially liked Onodera and Tsuda) and I enjoyed teasing them as the self-inserty but domineering heroine.

My only (incredibly nitpicky) gripes about the game are that you can’t customize the heroine’s appearance, which I like to do for games with more self-inserty protagonists and that I would like to know more about the boy from the secret ending.

I recommend using the guide that comes with the game to get all of the different endings.

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