Heroines I Want to Date

Hello! My bi ass believes in heroine supremacy and there are many I would like to date! Sometimes I’m more attracted to them than their love interests (assuming they have them)! This post is nothing thought out… I just want to give my girls some love…

Cardia from Code:Realize

Cardia is one of my favorite otome game heroines and I love her to death. While I love her love interests, as well, Cardia is the character in the cast that I am actually romantically attracted to (along with Hansel who appears in Future Blessings and Wintertide Miracles). We are two love-starved women and I believe that we should get married.

MC/Youran from Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice

The MC (Chinese default name is Youran) from Mr. Love is great. She’s hot and sweet and I love her. I can’t get into anymore without giving spoilers.

Izumi from A3!

My curry loving queen deserves a harem and I think I deserve to be in it. I thank the anime for letting me see her beautiful face. Also, I want her to step on me. ANYWAY…

There are the heroines that I want to date. If you have any that you want to date, please share!

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Games on my Wish List

There is forever growing list of games that I want to play; however, I can never get to them all. Here are just a few of the ones that happen to be on my wish list, including ones that aren’t joseimuke. However, to be on this list, I made the requirement of at least having the option to play as a female character.

Currently Out

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

I have been a fan of the Story of Seasons (formerly Harvest Moon) series since I was in middle school. This entry looks great and I can’t wait until I get to buy it, though I may wait until all of the DLC is out because I want to experience it all in full before getting tired of it. It also appears that Iris is going to be appearing as a marriage candidate in one of them, so I’ll finally be able to marry her, since same sex marriage wasn’t available in the series until the last entry, the Friends of Mineral Town remake.

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy

I’m new to the the Atelier series and have still only played Atelier Escha & Logy and the first Atelier Ryza. I really enjoyed both of them! I can’t wait until I get to see Ryza and her friends again, along with all of the new characters!

Royal Alchemist

Royal Alchemist is a indie otome/BL by Nifty Visuals. The art is pretty and the plot seems appealing. Before buying, I will probably actually get around to playing the demo to make sure that it plays well on my computer and to make sure that I do like it.


Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory is actually my favorite game series (though I don’t own the first and have still only played a bit of the second), so as you can imagine, I am very excited for Rune Factory 5. The series has done an excellent job at mixing farm/life sims and RPG elements. This is also the second entry in the series where you get the option to play as a girl from the start of the game. Everything I’ve seen about the game so far looks great and I can’t wait to play it!


I cannot wait for BUSTAFELLOWS! The heroine is voiced and seems really likable! The love interests all seem interesting, as well! I think that my favorite will be Scarecrow. The plot also sounds exciting and intriguing!

Variable Barricade

Variable Barricade also has a voiced heroine and she seems so fun to play. The love interests seem interesting and complex. I think that my favorite will be Ichiya! The fact that it’s a romantic comedy is very exciting! I also trust the writing of Kojima Nao (Hakuoki, Code:Realize, Cafe Enchante) and Nakayama Satomi (Code:Realize, Cafe Enchante).

And Many More…

That’s just six of the games that I want and there are so many more on my list, even of those that fit the criteria for this list.

Thank you for reading!


My Favorite Types of Ikemen

There are many different types of characters found in joseimuke – and throughout all types of media. Here are some of my favorite types.


A haraguro is a kind of character that puts on an act of being kind, but is actually cruel. They are basically a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. I love this type of character because I tend to find both sides of them to be very appealing. I also feel that they tend to have the most interesting back stories.

Genki Guys

Genki guys are very, very energetic. I love this type of character because they tend to also be very loving and affectionate – which is something that I very much need.

The Tease

These are characters that aren’t necessarily playboys, but tend to tease others and make lots of innuendos. I like this type of character because I find them funny and sexy.


A Do-S character is a sadist. I am a masochist. What more do I need to say?


I… don’t know why, but I have a thing for pianists. Ever since I played Mei’s route in Several Shades of Sadism, I have been wanting every adult pianist (no matter the gender) in fiction.